100% botanical skin care products free from synthetic chemical ingredients
How Botanical And Credible
Are Your Botanical Skin Care Products?

30, 50 or 100% Botanical Ingredients?
Do you really know?

Authentic 100% botanical skin care guarantees products contain only safe and beneficial 100% botanical ingredients which will nourish and build your skin's health.

100% botanical skin care means:-
  • NO synthetic chemical ingredients which are known to cause allergic reactions in some people such as skin irritations, redness, stinging and puffiness around the eyes.
  • NO animal testing or animal derived ingredients. Is there proof of this? 2 examples:- 1) Members of the Vegan Society who meet the above requirements are permitted to display their trademark.    2) Membership of Choose Cruelty Free is further proof of NO animal testing.
  • NO plant extracts obtained using chemicals like hexane - a toxic solvent and a by-product of petroleum refining. Used especially with soy based ingredients and food. Also a degreasing agent. Hexane residues have been found in baby foods which are soy based.[Ref 1]
  • NO refined ingredients such as refined shea butter. [Ref 2] Traditional shea is scented, lightly colored, moisturizing and healing. When refined it becomes white (bleached) and odorless (deodorized) using high temperatures up to 400F. This also removes the nutritive properties. Not only this but chemical preservatives are then added.
  • NO artificial fragrances, colors, preservatives. Authentic 100% botanical skin care will contain only 100% plant based ingredients. 
  • NO bulking fillers giving the false impression you are getting more! Often aqua/water is first on the label list. Products with high water content require effective preservatives and many formulators use synthetic chemicals.
  • NO Genetically engineered or modified ingredients
  • ONLY 100% plant based ingredients used - nothing else.
Doctor Wendy's botanical skin care products are 100%, credible and meet all the above.

No Regulations Worldwide Covering the Terms
Pure, Organic, Natural and Botanical
Anyone can produce a personal care product and market it as botanical. How do we know whether the ingredients are free from contaminants and as good as a website suggests? eg Have the oils been extracted without solvents and heat?

100% botanical skin care should remove this confusion but you need to be provided with adequate information to build your trust.

Following are some points to look for. I've learnt these from personal experiences ordering skin care products from websites worldwide. Because you are not viewing products in a 'bricks and mortar' store you must be able to obtain ALL you require from the website.

  • Complete label details available? Very important for online purchasing. This is exactly how they appear on the label. Not just the healthy sounding ingredients like rosehip seed oil for example. Or, maybe there is a list of ingredients used overall and not for specific products. I've trialled so called organic, botanical products and wondered why I awoke with puffiness around my eyes. In small print at the bottom of the label were 3 chemical preservatives. Not on the website! NB - very few websites list total ingredients.
  • From where are the ingredients sourced? Is there enough information provided to give you trust that they are active thus retaining their moisturizing and healing properties. NO high heat extraction or refining with chemicals (residues remain). Look for distillation and cold pressing information. Carbon dioxide extraction is a safe, gentle low temperature process which gives high potency and therapeutic benefits to botanical skin care products.
  • Who has formulated the products? What qualifications/expertise do they have? Is proof available on the site?
  • Where are the products made? Is there adequate information on the website giving you trust that products are made in hygenic facilities?
Chemical compounds, including artificial fragrances and the widely used paraben family of skincare chemical preservatives are absorbed into your blood stream. This can cause longer term health problems as our bodies try to cope with 'unnatural' products used both externally (skin and hair) and internally (eg food additives) every day.

Consider this also - wild crafted ingredients are included in many skin care preparations. Sounds very natural but, how do we know they are not contaminated by pollution from the air, soil or water? Are they gathered in a sustainable manner? Reports are emerging of plundering these natural resources by indiscrimate operators looking for a quick dollar.

[1] Hexane in soy products
[2] Unrefined shea v hexane refined shea

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100% Botanical Skin care Products For Dehydrated Dry Mature Aging Skin

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100% Botanical Skincare
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Why Compromise Your Health by Settling For Less Than 100% botanical?

Not only do regular skincare products contain synthetic chemical ingredients but many Aromatherapy and botanical skin care products are also often found to include harmful ingredients.

In many instances these are not readily apparent due to incomplete ingredient lists advertised. It's not until you receive the product that you find undesirable ingredients on the label. 

Has this happened to you? It used to happen to me. Now I dig deep and when total ingredients are not provided I by-pass the product.

Here are a few examples of synthetic chemical ingredients I've found in botanical skin care products:-

Triethanolamine (TEA)...
an alkaline dispersing agent and a known skin irritant

preservative - can cause allergic reactions, irritating to eyes and skin

common cosmetic preservative - has been linked to skin and eye irritations (personally experienced by myself - RJC)
Idopropynl butylcarbamate... iodine-based preservative, restricted in Japan.

an inexpensive, effective preservative used widely as a disinfectant, germicide, fungicide and de-foamer. Banned in Japan and Sweden
due to safety concerns.

Parabens  - methyl, propyl, butyl ethyl...
known to be toxic, allergic reactions, skin rashes.

Grapefruit Seed Extract... 
commercial grade grapefruit seed extract has several synthetic chemicals added during processing. The USDA National Organic Program classifies grapefruit seed extract as a synthetic chemical and is not permitted in organic products approved by them. GSE article here.

Did you know?

Non certified organic skincare doesn't have to include ingredients, which comprise less than 1%, on their labels.

It's common to find healthy
sounding ingredients at
less than 1% included on
labels but chemical
preservatives at less than 1% aren't shown.

These small amounts can
cause reactions.

For indepth information on ingredients in personal care products visit Skin Deep Safety Guide at cosmetics database

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